Thursday, January 5, 2012

Why I love Sally Clarkson's Mom Heart Conferences

I love Sally.  After having my first little sweetie, I was horribly depressed.  Crying everyday, unmotivated...literally hating my life and could see nothing but my 4 walls, piles of laundry, exhaustive all-night feedings (I had trouble nursing), and just not keeping up with life.
Life was mundane and meaningless to me.

My pastor's wife (Marian Mellor) invited me to attend Sally's conference in '07 and I went.  God used Sally to give me permission to be a mom and it totally liberated me.  I think culture (which as an entertainer, I had been totally immersed in) doesn't give value to moms and I was feeling like I was wasting my time doing nothing but changing diapers and existing.  I literally felt like my life was that movie "Groundhog Day": the same meaningless existence day after day after day.
I was an awful mom to a newborn.  

I did not transition well.  

I did not love it.  

I did not like my child.  

I was only mindful of my own selfish sufferings.   

I was totally floundering.  

Sally showed me how totally valuable it is to be a mom and inspired me without being negative or guilt-tripping.  She said that as moms we already feel guilty that we're not doing enough and she wanted to encourage and inspire.  She is certainly gifted at this.

Now, I feel influential every day of my life...for these two little boys who will be the heart of the next generation.  I feel like every day I am a world changer through 2 precious lives.  And it has inspired me to become involved in the history, politics and righteousness of my country.  This is not the result for all so don't worry if you don't want to be a political nut case (lol) ...but this is an extended way Sally's message has affected my life.  I not only have influence over my family, but God has used my passion to influence the generation my boys are in, and my church, and in whatever area of influence He places me to speak boldly and confidently the truth of history, politics, and God's word.

I AM FREE!  And I thank God for using Sally in my life.  She is an excellent example to us as moms!

I hope you can come to Sally's conference.  You will never regret being an intentionally passionate mommy to your precious children.

Register here!  

True Biblical motherhood must be intentionally pursued.  It doesn't just happen all by itself.  We gotta stick together and urge one another on toward godliness, righteousness, and joy in the every day wonder of raising our children.  I will be your cheerleader in this great responsibility and mission!  We matter!  Don't grow weary in doing good.  God has chosen you to be the very best mommy to those little hands and feet and hearts in your home.  He will enable you!

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