Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Birthday!

I met Erika in 2000 while I was a dancer on a cruise ship in Alaska.  She was a fitness instructor.  She was also a Christian and so we instantly connected.  We attended a weekly Bible study at midnight on Tuesday nights with a group of beloved Filipino guys.  Erika and I spent many lunches at Starbuck's in Vancouver, hiking Skagway, we even took a helicopter tour to a glacier one day, KMart runs in Juneau, and you should see the old west picture we have together (there are other secret memories we have that are confidential-teehee!).  2 weeks before Brandon was born, I flew to Tulsa to be in her wedding.  About a year later, she was pregnant and miscarried at 5 weeks.  It was a terribly devastating time.  Since then, they adopted a little boy from Taiwan named Raphael (Jehovah Rapha means the Lord, my Healer).  I was able to see them when they were on a layover in L.A. on their way back home.  Erika has always been so dear to my heart and I treasure her so dearly.

I woke up this morning to a text from Erika letting me know that she was in labor (her hubby, Nick, was texting me from her phone) and about to deliver their precious daughter, Blythe.  I didn't realize the due date was 8 weeks away.  She was born this afternoon at 2:18 p.m.  Weighing 3 lbs, 6oz., 16 inches long.  She is in the NICU.  And Erika had to undergo an emergency surgery afterward.  Please pray for this precious family.  I will post a photo just as soon as I can.  This is a Jesus-loving family.  Please pray that Blythe will thrive and be able to be in her mommy's arms very soon.

Today is Blythe's birthday.  It is also my birthday.  Little Blythe is absolutely the most fantastic birthday present ever!
an update as of 3/29/10:
Blythe is off oxygen, though she will remain in NICU for an undetermined amount of time.  However, all things considered, she is doing well.  Pray for this little sweetie!
Erika & sweet Blythe

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