Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An update on Jame's shoulder

Jamie finally got the diagnosis after his MRI last week.

Apparently, the thunking/cracking he has been experiencing in his shoulder is a "foreign object" about the size of an eraser tip, probably a broken off piece of cartilage or bone.  The doctor expressed the idea that the chipping off of bone or cartilage could be a disease-related.  He will ultimately have to have surgery again but the doctor really wants to get to the source of the problem so Jame will be seeing an orthopedist for a second opinion.
He is not allowed to work or use his right arm until this is figured out.  So, we are taking a few steps backward.  This is a bummer, but we know God is sovereign, and we are very glad to have some sort of diagnosis of the problem.  Thank you for praying.  Please continue to.  I am confident God's hand is in this and He is growing us, and especially Jamie through such an uncomfortable time.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about Jamie's shoulder situation. I will begin praying unceasing... The shoulder is so important and I'm sure it's depressing to know he has to have surgery again. God's ways are difficult to see sometimes. I cannot believe there is any disease involved in this. I do believe that God will heal it completely this time and am glad you're getting a second opinion. Maybe more 'rest' was in order. I am confident that good will come from all of this.....in His time!!! Much love, Kathy