Friday, October 1, 2010

Being good is hard work.

Brandon is my compliant, easy child.  Silas is a good boy, but he has to work harder at it.  He has so much explosive energy and spunk, and as a result self-control is something we covet greatly for Silas.  As well-intentioned as he may be, often his energy and curiosity lead him into trouble.

Every once in a while we visit the assisted living home in our town.  One morning in particular we had a rough time getting out the door.  I was police-mom barking out orders and a stress bucket attempting to get us out the door in time, irritated at another thing in my schedule.  God loves cheerful giver, right?  Yeah, that wasn't me this day.  Anyway, we got in the car and on the road and I went through a quick attitude check and put myself at peace that this was a good thing we were doing and I put a smile in my face and my heart.  Then, I turned my attention to the boys.  "Boys, we are going into the home where the old, sick people are.  Please be on your best behavior and obey.  You must be very careful not to get wild because these people can get hurt very easily."  Yes, I was directing my speech more toward Silas than Brandon.
Brandon responded, "Okay, Mommy."  Being good was no problemo for this one.  But Silas slumped his shoulders and head defeated and muttered, "Brandon is always good."

"Hmm," I thought, "he's feeling like he isn't a good boy."  "Si," I said, "you are such a good boy, but you have to work harder at it.  For Brandon, being good is easy, but it's not like that for everyone.  I know you have a harder time doing what is right, but you are a good and sweet boy and I love you very much.  I know you have to work very hard at being good, but do you know what?  Mommy has trouble being good, too.  I, often, say things that I shouldn't that get me into trouble.  So, maybe you and mommy can help each other be good.  Is that ok?"

Silas straightened in his seat a little bit and settled in his heart that he is okay.  And maybe comforted a little by the fact that some one else he knows has trouble doing the right thing, too.  And that's alright, as long as we repent and keep trying.

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