Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jame!

I have a real-live hero living under my roof.  He catches bad guys.  Helps those in need.  Comforts those who suffer loss.  Brings peace to hostility.

Who's the hero?
My husband, of course!

Jamie is a fantastic officer.  Trustworthy, just, compassionate, kind, firm.  Well-balanced.
Jamie is an awesome dad.  Loving the boys.  Tickle monster to them.  Creator of squeals from little lungs.  Counselor.  Corrector.  Hugger.
Jamie is a considerate husband.  Thoughtful.  Sacrificing.  Preferring.  A servant, leader.  Generous.  Kind.  Selflessly loving.

He's funny and fun.  Quiet and wise.  Sarcastic and practical.

And I totally don't deserve him.  Poor guy!  He could've done so much better. ;)

Happy Birthday, Sweetie.

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