Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Stand up for your flag.

This Christmas was our first time attending Palm Springs' adorable Parade of Lights.  I endearingly call it the Palm Springs Electrical Parade since it must be inspired by the Disneyland Electrical Parade.  The boys and I packed our coats and chairs and blankets and arrived several hours before parade step-off time to reserve our seating.  The main thoroughfare of Palm Springs is incredibly charming and it has my very favorite imports store, The Alley, so really what more can a girl ask for?  Getting there a few hours early really is no hardship since we were able to leave our chairs and wander the shops and boutiques of downtown Palm Springs.

Throughout the parade, several color guard units marched soberly by with our most beautiful Star Spangled Banner.  My boys and I stood as that great flag passed us, and I quickly noticed that no one else within sight stood with us.  Every time that flag passed, my boys hopped to their feet and their mama followed, and every time no one else bothered to join us.

Now, I don't want to be the flag police, but come on, people!  We are a blessed nation and a great one!  Do not be embarrassed to stand...even if you are the only one...and even if you might block the view of someone else...maybe they'll get to their feet too!  I know there is a whole lot of apologizing going on for this great country, and it shouldn't be!  We are a brave, innovative, free people.  There is no other like the United States of America.  I am not going to allow that flag to go by unnoticed.  And neither should you.  Get off your tush and stand for the most beautiful flag in the world!  And train your children to respect that flag, as well.  It really is the least we can do, especially considering the thousands upon thousands of lives given in sacrifice for our freedom so we can still have that beautiful banner pass before us.

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