Friday, January 28, 2011

"I don't know karate, but I do know ka-razy ...and I will use it." ~Owen Wilson, Shanghai Noon

I recently discussed with a family member the subject of movies and their agendas.  One comes to mind:  A stunning creation but so densely saturated with ridiculous agenda that I couldn't ever actually purchase the movie and show it in my home to support such nonsense or to feed the idiotic ideas into the minds of my children.

Uh, no.

Anywho...this person says to me that he doesn't care about the agenda, he just enjoys the film.

I'm an uncompromising, activist type so just enjoying stuff and ignoring agenda doesn't really work for me.  Actually, it totally doesn't work for me.

This isn't to condemn or affirm your movie-watching habits, I'm just babbling my personal weirdness.

I was having an emotional breakdown over the ills of society the other day and was so upset over a particular issue near and dear to my heart, that it seemed abnormal to be so impassioned over it.  I mean who thinks this hard about the things that I do!?!?  I looked at my husband (who patiently listened to every fervent word) and told him how sorry I was that he's married to a crazy woman.  LOL!  He assured me that I wasn't crazy and imparted to me his wisdom and encouragement.

In a life where several in my family think I am a total freak-of-nature and think my uncompromising standards are absurd, it sure is nice to know that the one who knows me best (my precious hubby) validates my heartfelt ideals.

Now, how in the world did I end up with him?  He's SO logical.  Weird that he doesn't have me taken away in a straight jacket.  There must be some purpose for someone like me.

To quote Sally Clarkson (again): "God uses each of us within the limitations of our own is Him in me that will reach the world."  This brings me great comfort.  Especially since I know I can easily drive people nuts with my wild views and boldness to actually say what I think.  There are so many "limitations to my personality," but it's me.  Lord, may I take my numerous weaknesses under the control of the Holy Spirit. Help me!!! :)

Bless you and your personality "limitations",


  1. Kori, honey...I truly feel you should have a weekly column in some I love reading what you write! Where in the world did you come from???? You certainly did not get this gift from your mom!!! LOL!!I encourage you to keep doing what you are doing. People are reading. Some who tell me how they love reading your blog and want to be just like you. That would include me! I love you!!!

  2. haha!
    First the quote by Owen Wilson. Second...really love you Kori!I love your "ramblings" and BTW I do not think you are a freak of nature. No, not at all! But a gifted, loving, talented and brave woman! I am blessed to call you my friend. XXXOOO
    P.S. I are wonderfully blessed to have such an awesome husband!