Thursday, July 14, 2011


I have known my Jamie for 19 years.  He is the kindest and most giving man I've ever met.  It's totally bonus to be able to live with him and be around him every day.  How he tolerates his crazy wife on a daily basis is beyond me.

Us in Death Valley in March.

Hey sweetie,
Happy Anniversary.  9 years.

The best thing that has ever happened to me is knowing you.  You have helped me heal from the greatest tragedies in my life.  You have supported me in my wild passions - and helped me think reasonably (something I desperately struggle with).  You have become the greatest husband and dad I've ever seen or known.  Thank you for that.

Nine years ago on a sunny and warm July day, we were surrounded by friends and loved ones.  What a time we had!  I cherish the stability and security and trust I have in you.  Now, we are surrounded by our own little tribe and what a treasure they are...even Lily!
These 9 years have been such a blessing.  You have been so generous.  Here's to dozens more!

Happy Day, Happy Life!
I love you,

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