Friday, July 29, 2011

My new "business"

Hello all.

I've decided to sell Usborne books from my home.  Borrego doesn't have a whole lot to offer for children's (K-12) books, so it just made sense to be able to provide them not only to myself but to others in town as well.  But, no matter where you live, you can order them from me via my website mentioned below.

(FYI - These are not Christian-based books, but have a generalized cultural worldview.  Though, they are fact-based books, there is an injection of evolutionary theory particularly in some of the science books. -- We really enjoy these books in our family and I am pretty particular over book content.)

If you are interested in ordering, you can either order them directly through me (just give me a call or come by the house) or through my website: Please bookmark this link so you can return to it when you want to do some book shopping. :)
I'm hopeful that this will be a good "business" for the boys and I to participate in together.

If you were unable to attend the book party I hosted on Tuesday, and would like to see a sampling of these books, I'd love to show them to you.  They are beautiful and fun...and incredibly informational and educational.  

Love you,

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