Thursday, July 7, 2011

Unbroken...The Story of Olympian and P.O.W. Louie Zamperini

I just finished reading the most unbelievable story and you ought to read it, also.  I blasted through it in just a few days and was totally captivated.  Everyone should read this story.  If you are wondering if it would be appropriate to share with your children, I would save it for older high schoolers as there is some (very little language and other inappropriate things mentioned) disturbing stuff.  But, I have told my children the whole story and even showed them the videos below.  There is a shot of the P.O.W.'s in pretty emaciated conditions - basically breathing skeletons.  It didn't bother my boys, but I want to let you know about that.  

Here are some videos about the life of a true America Hero, Louie Zamperini.  The book covers all of this and so much more.  You would think there couldn't possibly be more to this life, but when you read the book you will be absolutely awestruck by what this man has endured and has become gloriously victorious over.  AMAZING.

At the tail end of the 2nd and 3rd video is a lot of loud static.  FYI.

 is his website.  If you can believe it, he's still alive.

I was so overcome when I finished his story that I immediately looked up his website and wrote him the following letter.  Please get this book.  I borrowed it from the library.  It is excellent and totally inspiring.  Bless you.

Dear Louie,

I just finished reading "Unbroken" not five minutes ago.  I really don't know what to say; but desperately wanted to make contact.

I am 37 years old and pretty ignorant of WW2 history, but as I am now a home schooling mom to two precious boys, I have discovered a new hunger for learning and this book about your story has been absolutely heart-wrenching.  How glad I am for your survival and salvation, and therefore your testimony of the deep healing of Jesus.  I, too, am a Christian...healed by a marvelous God of my own devastation.  Praise the Lord!

I just want you to know that I will never forget your story.  I will share it with my children as they grow and learn and you will forever be a hero to this family.

All God's very best to you, sir.  You are absolutely wonderful, brave, resilient, a beacon of hope and courage.  Thank you for bearing your soul for this book so that many may read it and be deeply inspired.

I hope to raise brave and resilient heroes like you.  Thank you for the example you have set.

Much love and appreciation and so much gratitude for your service to this most beautiful country.  It is because of men like you that I and my family are still living a free life in the beautiful U.S.A.

God bless you,
Kori Peterson

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