Monday, July 25, 2011

Confusing calling and task

"Once I began to exercise those (speaking) gifts, I assumed speaking was my calling.  God soon made very clear, however, that my calling was to surrender my life every day to His will, to be His woman, and to do what He asked, whatever that was.  I remember sensing Him speak to my heart, saying, 'Beth, I do not want you surrendered to an assignment.  I want you surrendered to Me.'  I realized that God did not want me 'hung up' on the kind of assignment He would give me.  He didn't want it to matter to me whether He asked me to teach the Word of God to a hundred people or to rock one baby in the church nursery.  My calling was to be abandoned to Him."  (Beth Moore - Jesus, The One and Only)

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  1. Thanks for this quote, Kori. I've never read any of her stuff ... I think I need to!