Friday, July 22, 2011

SB48 (continued)... home school advice and opinion

In light of this ongoing issue of SB48, I want to copy some statements and insights that have been mentioned in my recent conversations regarding the subject.  I hope it will encourage you.
Again, I urge you to take your kids out of the public school and charter system.

The home schooling option:
I think it would be wise if the Christian/moral community would come together and create an education system who may not have the funds to private school or the ability to be home enough to home educate.  Of course, I am a firm believer that if we live within our means and tighten the belt a bit, anyone can home school.  Even if both parents have to work, it can be done.  I'm not saying it's easy, but possible...and worth it.  And for people who think it's too hard to home school, let's talk.  If I can do it, ANYBODY can.  Resources and support are abundant.  ---  Keep praying! There is a way.  God is sovereign.  Perhaps this is the wake up call we need to radically change how we educate our precious little (and big) ones.
Regarding the concern over the expense of home schooling:  Curricula can be expensive, but there are several very inexpensive routes.  I'd be happy to help direct anyone in this area if finances are an issue.  I am an out-of-the-box type and don't purchase a curriculum...I create my own.  I do have a math curriculum, but otherwise I do my own and it's working out excellently.  I utilize the public library A LOT.  Also, you would be amazed at what you can get from used curriculum sales, and just by becoming a part of the home schooling community.  Curriculum is often traded or given away or sold at very reasonable prices amongst home school groups. --- Anyway, all that is to simply say: Don't let finances be a hindrance.  God will provide to fit your need.

Also from a recent email to a friend:

REGARDING SB48 - ALL should be recognized for their historic contributions regardless of their sexuality, ethnicity, whatever...the problem is the agenda: the lgbt lifestyle is required to be portrayed only's indoctrination.  Let's face it, there are some negative aspects of the lifestyle (as there is in ANY sexual promiscuity).  Omitting the truth and teaching only that it is "nurturing," "positive," and "desirable" is propaganda.  And the schools have no business indoctrinating our children.  Educate them.  Why does a 5-year-old have to be introduced to the terms "gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender?"

There are a plethora of problems with this bill, chief is the fact that parents can not waive their children from objectionable curriculum.  It is squelching parents' rights.

If bullying (the reason Leno claims to have pushed this bill) is truly a problem (and it is...and not just for gays, but for kids who don't wear the "right" clothes, are different, are Christian, and any other reason a kid can dream up to target other kids), then this will not fix it.  Kids bully kids out of their own insecurity and pride.  Bullying has to be dealt with at the root.  This is not going to solve bullying.  It's only an avenue to push through the lgbt agenda.  Use whatever emotional lingo you can to push your agenda.  No agenda should be in the schools other than to educate them on the 3 R's, true science, and true history.  That's it.  Let families deal with moral issues.

Here's an example: George Bernard Shaw had several beautiful quotes and was a literary genius, but he also was an advocate of eugenics and gas chambers to get rid of those who are "unfit to live"...which were ultimately used by the Nazis in the holocaust.  Teach the whole truth.  Hitler may have many admirable quotes, but it doesn't change the truth that he was a tyrannical murderer of millions.
Omitting the unpleasant for the sake of exalting a certain group of people is wrong and dishonest.

I am opposed to any type of "affirmative action" that gives special rights and privileges to any people group over another.  If you want it fair, then make it fair.  Don't omit truth for the sake of making a certain people group seem only wonderful and great, and ignore the ugliness.  If you're gonna bring out the good, bad, and the ugly, then do it across the board.

Don't get me wrong.  I am not saying we need to shut out lgbt people from basic human rights.  I worked in entertainment for many years and I LOVE my gay friends deeply.  But, I do not want the agenda of a few activists (gay or otherwise) to reign in my nation. "The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next."  We already have an evolutionary agenda reigning which is taught as fact and not as theory.  We need to teach facts, not try to brainwash a generation.

If it were really about bullying, then why didn't they specifically include the poor, the weak, and a multitude of other groups that are bullied?  Let's face it, EVERYONE is subject to bullying...not just ethnic groups and gays.

I want schools to be honest.  Give the kids the information, and let them choose for themselves what direction they will take in life.  I raise my kids in the Lord, but am obligated to not hide from them the "world."  They will ultimately have to choose for themselves morality and what they believe...and be able to critically reason their stance.  If I show them only one side of the many-faceted gem, then I'm doing them a disservice and only breeding closed-mindedness and I fail to teach compassion.  They must love all...especially those different from themselves and with whom they disagree.  We can't pick and choose who we extend love to.

I am concerned with the seemingly "little" compromises and how they affect the big picture of the future of this nation and of our future generations.  A ship only 1 degree off-course ultimately ends up totally lost.

It sure is a fine balance.  We must separate a person's actions from who he /she really is deep in their soul.  Love the sinner, hate the sin.  And don't condemn.  Show love despite offenses.  Jesus calls us to no less.

I hope I am honoring the Lord.  And if I'm not, I hope He will correct me.  I really and truly want to please Him above all.   I really want to protect the minds of children.  Don't you think eternity rests on how we raise these little ones?  Give them their options, and let them decide.

I finally found the actual wording for the bill SB48.  You can click on the link here.

My previous 2 posts are also regarding SB48.

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