Monday, July 11, 2011

...Happy Birthday dear Silas...

My Silas is 6...and tall...and sweet...and wonderful.

One day, about 6 1/2 years ago, I sat depressed in my living room with 5-month-old Brandon, exhausted and overwhelmed with my responsibilities as a new mommy.  I called my only-child sister-in-law to ask her her thoughts about being an only child.  Just when I decided that Brandon would be an only child, the next day I found out I was pregnant.  Silas arrived months later.

How glad I am that God doesn't do what I think is best or what I think I can handle.
Si is drastically different than Brandon.  While Brandon is quiet and can sit and play alone for hours, Silas is a Tasmanian Devil of sorts who can't stand being alone.  Loud, hilarious, and energetic beyond belief.

Silas is me.
I know the curse of many grandparents is that their own child will have a child like themselves.   How glad I am!  (Sorry, to have this plan backfire on you, Mom!)
Silas has trouble with self-control.  So do I.  When Si has trouble being a good boy, he has a mommy who can totally relate to the challenge of saying and doing the wrong thing, of being overly passionate and energetic, speaking before thinking, etc.   Silas wants to go a million miles a minute.  So do I.  Silas is my precious companion.  My bike riding/ walking/ hiking/ adventuring buddy.

I'm so blessed with my Si.  He is a loving, tender, thoughtful, sometimes bull-in-a-China-shop type of boy...and I love him dearly for everything he is.

Happy Birthday, sweet Si.  YOU ROCK!

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