Saturday, August 28, 2010

beauty from ashes, part 3

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The day came for my check-up appointment.  It was scheduled 2 weeks after the abortion.  I went to the same Planned Parenthood office that I had originally been taken to.

I sat in the waiting room with my boyfriend wondering if I knew anyone there or if anyone recognized me.  A door opened and my name was called.

I went back and was shown to a room where I disrobed and sat on an examination table.  On the wall to my left was an ugly picture of a naked woman with her legs sprawled.  Nice.
After a while, a woman...not looking much more welcoming than that picture invaded the room.  She was rude, unfriendly, and cold.  "So, are you still bleeding?" she barked out.  "Yes, but not in the mornings so much.  It seems to come heavier later in the day," I said calmly.  She responded flatly, "I asked if you were bleeding."  Clearly she wasn't interested in my emotional state.  Again, I said with more irritation this time, "Not in the mornings, but I do later in the day."  She examined me and left and I really don't remember much more about the appointment except the strong impression that Planned Parenthood, and perhaps the entire abortion industry, is as sweet as pie to you before the abortion, but the second it's over, you are a bother, a burden, and something they must quickly get rid of.  Just pay your money, sneak out the back door, and go away...seems to be their attitude.  My initial "counseling" and pre-abortion visit was kind and accommodating, but, literally, the moment the abortion was over, I was abandoned.  No one to even help me walk to the bathroom...or to, at least, point me in the right direction.

Watch the "Blood Money" documentary trailer below.  It is absolutely true.  

My boyfriend drove me back to his house and broke up with me.  

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