Saturday, August 7, 2010



Yeah, that was the right title for this time I have spent with Sally and 50+ of the most wonderful women on the face of the earth.  I have been so overwhelmed, refreshed, encouraged, humbled, convicted, and elated this weekend.  Jamie has texted me more than once and asked, "Are you having a good time?"  Such a difficult question to answer.  Fun isn't really the right word.







...those would more properly describe my time here.

(Lisa Wachs, Sally Clarkson, and I)

Sally, her team, and the fascinating ladies that have learned alongside me in the past 48 hours have brought out the very best and most lovely traits in each of us.  It is so refreshing to be with women who will not judge, are passionate about Biblical motherhood, and share a common burden to change the world through truth and family.

A dream Sally envisioned that ignited her call to this ministry goes as follows:
Sally stood on a street side.  As she gazed across she noticed a tiny baby desperate and alone and abandoned on the steps leading to a judicial building.  The needy infant was naked, sobbing hysterically in its utter helplessness.  Nearby a group of men stood arrayed in darkness as they shot arrow after arrow at the steps taking aim at the child. Laughing.  Each arrow had a word - pornography, abortion, divorce, sexual immorality...  Sally pleaded, "God what do you want me to do?!  Someone has to help that baby!"  And God said, "Stand before the child."  And so she did, and other women joined her and took the arrows aimed at the infant.
I stand on the stairs with her and there I will remain until moms realize what treasures they have that must be kept safe and secure.  Motherhood is the greatest call for you. Will you join us?  Dads, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles?  Our children are in grave danger.  If we don't defend and stand for them, who will?

Can you see that this picture is the exact reality of what is going on with our children?

We must spread the message of true Biblical motherhood and counter the incredible feminist breeding that has perverted and invaded our culture.  We must start in our own homes.  I will raise my children according to God's ways and not the ways of this upside-down world.   What will you choose?  Look at those precious faces and hands and hearts that hold your own heart.  You have a vitally important decision to make.

Please comment if you would like to know if there is a Biblical mom's group near you.  And please read Mission to Motherhood.  It is an absolutely perspective- and life-changing book.  Let's take the first step toward being the families God created us to be.


  1. Wonderful post, Kori! Miss you tons already and can't wait to be with you again! Love, Kellie

  2. Amazing post and gorgeous blog. Mine is so plain. I too enjoyed sharing dinner with you Saturday. The Lord knows which strings to use to knit our hearts together. I will be praying for your nieces! Thanks for sharing with me.
    Miss you.
    Renee Parris

  3. Hi Kori,

    We are kindred spirits! I was looking at all your blog stuff, and am amazed at how similar our interests are. I participate in all the ministries and organizations that you listed. I am grateful to find another woman fighting in the trenches not only for our families but also for our country. I look forward to seeing how God will shape all our new connections.



  4. Hey Sister! I have so enjoyed your blog tonight. Time has gone by too fast since the INTENSIVE. Every day hope grows inside me to do my part in reaching women, a HUGE part in restoring our nation (Jerm 31). The passion in your blog is contagious. I love the practical "do something opportunities" you've provided on the right side of your blog. I didn't know most of those existed.
    Don't grow weary in doing good, for in DUE time, if you don't grow weary you will reap a harvest. Galations 6:9
    Stacy, TX

  5. Hi Stacy,

    You are awesome! Thank you for the encouragement. I know my blog isn't as "warm & fuzzy" as some. But, it's where I am for now.

    Yes. We must act and pray. Much love!