Saturday, August 28, 2010

Restoring Honor it NOW!!!

Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor event begins at 10am eastern today.  Click on the link above to watch it online.  Then click on the "ustream" tab.

History can be made today!

If you missed the rally, you can see video of it here:

Also, an interesting article can be found here.  I love Glenn, but there is a danger here of linking Mormonism with Christianity.  They are not the same.  Though Mormons are kind people, they are terribly deceived and are a cult.  I do think that returning to God is the key, as well, but let's be careful to seek the TRUTH.

My personal reflection of the 8.28 Event is that it was a great gathering of a moral and civil community of patriots.  I feel like there was a lot of political was genuine but great efforts were made in this area.  Also, my opinion is that there was an overdone attempt to recognize MLK because of the date the event fell on.  I feel like he definitely should be recognized but it seemed a little over the top.
A great gathering overall.  We can see that people are fed up with the status quo and patriots of all ages and walks of life are ready to see a change of direction in this beautiful nation.  So, what are you doing to change it?  Share in the comment area.  I would love to hear your ideas.  xo!

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