Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cherished friends

Sisters from an era. 
 Time passed. Marriages. Moves. Children. 
Yet the bond, the trust, the comfort - is steadfast.

Stories. Outbursts of laughter
Concern over a sick child. Tears
Deep prayer needs. Intercession
Beauty. Pictures. 
Children meet. Training and correcting. 
A new friend. Another life on the cusp of taking his place on the world's stage. 
Passion. Great discussion. 
Memories. Smiles
Hugs. Appreciation.

But the greatest of these is LOVE.

The night passes too quickly and, though no one wants to, we must leave. 
 It's late. Husbands wait. Children fuss. Work begins early tomorrow. The drive home is long.

If only time could stand still 
so our hearts could be united for a few hours longer. 
 Because kindred spirits don't happen every day. 
 Reunions are rare and beautiful. Sisters are a treasure to our souls.

Yet, time and distance don't unravel the knitting of our lives. 
 We are forever intertwined, impressioned, challenged, and transformed 
by the roles we have played in one another's lives.

Michelle, Kori K., Rena, Kori P., Jeannie, Marilyn

Here's to koinonia, the sweet fellowship of heaven.


  1. This was one of those evenings that leave you reflecting. Realizing how much we all grow into the image of Christ. I was so blessed to listen to all of you and hear your passions, new interests, and hearts. Thank you!
    I am forever grateful to have sisters like you!
    xo Michelle

  2. I was joyfully telling my pastor's wife this morning what a special time it was.
    Fellowship is so good. But this was more than just hanging out, it was honest, fun, and natural.
    Thank you for a truly sweet night. Can't wait to see most of you on Saturday.
    Love you.