Wednesday, September 15, 2010

untitled ~ 9/11

Our deeply memorialized September 11th has come and gone.  How I wish I would have paid it more attention.

I am currently reading "Patriotic Grace" by Peggy Noonan.  Her references to that grievous day and the direction our country has gone since...both in politics and in civil unity...or lack thereof.  What a sad state of affairs we are in where a shocking disaster such as 9/11 knit us together so solidly as Americans for a time and yet we look about us today and see nastiness, criticism, and intolerance of those who don't agree with us.

Yes, I am guilty of this too.  Mostly because I feel like my children are in danger.  It is hard to be tolerant of those who are destroying my children's future.  And we can't assume that everyone has the good of everyone else in mind.  That would be naive and foolish to assume.  So, we wonder about the motives of our leaders, and test them as best we can from so far away.

Lord, please protect my children from a government that may seek total control over them, their education, their parents, their occupations, their money, their property, their food, their ammunition, their sexual orientation, their innocence, their religion.

"Act as though it's all up to me; Pray as though it's all up to Him." 
-my new favorite quote.

May we hold tight to the indignation, the patriotism, the unity, the drive for justice that we felt so strongly 9 years ago.  May those directly affected be deeply comforted in their great loss.

Bless you,

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