Friday, September 3, 2010

Glenn Beck, Mormonism, and Christianity.

I have my own take on this (written below).  But here are some good articles an the subject.  I lean toward the 2nd but find truth in all.

Dr. Russell Moore, Professor at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  God, The Gospel, and Glenn Beck.
Dr. Jim Garlow, Pastor of Skyline Wesleyan Church in San Diego.  Evangelicals and Glenn Beck.
Chuck Colson, Prison Fellowship.  Which God Should We Turn To?

My take on Glenn/8.28 copied from a message I wrote someone recently and embellished with today's perspective.:

I do appreciate Glenn a whole lot but am not a Glenn worshiper. LOL!

I appreciate that he tells the truth about what is going on in this nation and our history. But we do see/hear sometimes not-so-little hints of his twisted Mormon doctrine. We usually just look at each other and make some comment about the Mormonism seeping in. He is surrounded by Christians...Palin, David Barton, Dobson, etc. Who knows that the Lord isn't working on his heart? We pray for him and appreciate that when seemingly no one else "calls 'em as he sees 'em," he does.  He is truthful and well-researched.

The rally was not what I expected but I was impressed at the audience more than Glenn (it's nice to see that I'm not the only American that is fed up with the socialist-direction we are heading)...and some of the speakers, not all. It was somewhat Glenn-worship from some of the speakers and even from Glenn himself. But the sheer numbers of the crowd and their demeanor is to be recognized, admired, and to be inspired by.

Our Founders were not all Christians. All the Christian Founders wanted equal freedom of religion ...even religions they absolutely did not agree with.
I'm not preaching because I'm trying to convince you --- I'm just giving you an idea of where I stand with Glenn. We watch and listen to him often but not every day. We do catch his Friday shows since they are great history lessons. That being said, his is pretty much the only show we watch. But I can count on one hand the episodes we have caught in the past month.

Glenn leading a Christian "revival" is bothersome. Can you imagine if he was like the false prophet or something? Creepy.

I was mostly under the impression that things were terribly overdone and dramatic on Glenn's part.
However, I think it was necessary and a great coming-together of like-minded Patriots.  This, tea parties, town halls, etc., are just the thing we need to prove to ourselves and our country that we are not the stereotypical, old, white, uneducated, uninformed, racist dinosaurs the liberal left/media would love people to think and works tirelessly to portray.

Well, there's my 8-28/Glenn critique. For what it's worth.

Oh, FYI:  Miles McPherson is on GB tonight.

Please, comment and let me know your thoughts.  This is a hot issue right now and varies with different people.  Would love to hear your take on Glenn and the interaction he has with Christians and even your impression of the 8.28 Restoring Honor event.

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