Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pray for the USA, week of September 26

Act as if it’s all up to you; 
Pray as if it’s all up to Him.

Defense Authorization Bill discussion stopped on the senate floor. (via Citizen Link, CWA,

This puts the bill on the shelf until Dems find a loophole to schedule another vote which may not happen until after the November elections.  This bill would repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell and allow abortion provision for military bases both here and abroad.

Also attached to this, somehow, is the DREAM Act, an amendment to allow amnesty for illegal aliens to gain citizenship by high school graduation (paid for by your tax dollars) or pursuing military service.  In a few words:  illegal alien bailout.

DISCLOSE Act went to a vote again this week.  Needed 60 to pass, final tally 59-39.  Whew!  That was a close one.  (via Citizen Link)

To review, DISCLOSE stifles Americans’ legitimate right to political speech. The bill increases bureaucratic regulations, which will punish small business owners and grassroots groups.  It places onerous regulations on campaign activity, which will all but eliminate grassroots advocacy.

Obama omits "by our Creator" in his quoting of the Declaration of Independence. (via, AFAExaminer)

"From the overflow of the heart does the mouth speak." (Mt. 12:34)  Also, he was using a teleprompter so it seems intentional.

Proposition 19 (CA) legalizes marijuana.  No, not “medical marijuana,” because that’s already California law and is unaffected. (via

Marijuana is the #1 addiction of teens in rehab, a stepping off point for cocaine and meth use, 4 times more potent than it was in the 1970's, & harms lungs more than cigarettes.

Legalizing would make possible: sale in grocery stores, drugged driving (more so than is already happening), high on the job, high insurance rates, farmland used for marijuana farms, ruins minds, lives & families.

Proposition 23 (CA) would suspend AB32, "The Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006" which is a California "Cap & Trade" bill. (via California Jobs Initiatative,

PG&E opposes Prop 23 but supports AB32 and why shouldn't they?  High energy usage = higher rates = PG&E rolling in more of your cash.  You're so generous!  PG&E will thank you for opposing Prop 23. Vote No on 23. 

Cap & Trade redistributes wealth and will be devastating to businesses, personal property rights, private energy usage, etc.  It is another way that big government is barging it's way into your personal life and your home.  High regulation and high energy fees.

*To find your congressman, go to  Once you find your congressman, click on their website and there should be a contact tab on the home page.

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