Friday, September 17, 2010

Pray for the USA, week of September 19

The Defense Authorization Bill could go to a cloture vote this week.  Within this bill is the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell as well as an abortion provision. (via Citizen Link)

Repealing DADT:  1. introduces more sexual tension in the barracks of our troops – who must rely upon each other – thus threatening their safety and morale.  2. Endangers the religious-liberty rights of chaplains and servicemen and women to share their beliefs about God’s design for human sexuality. 3. There is also a provision to this appropriations bill to allow abortions to be performed on military bases, at home and abroad. (This expands the funding and availability of abortion greatly when coupled with the recently passed healthcare bill.  Which naturally leads to more preborn lives lost.)

Proposition 23 would suspend AB32, "The Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006" which is a California "Cap & Trade" bill. (via North County Conservatives & Yes on 23)

Cap & Trade redistributes wealth and will be devastating to businesses, personal property rights, private energy usage, etc.  It is another way that big government is barging it's way into your personal life and your home.  High regulation and high energy fees.
  • Vote yes on 23. 

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