Monday, September 27, 2010

How do you like them apples?

We picked apples at Raven Hill Orchard in Julian.  They allowed taste-testing and had several varieties to choose from.

Brandon told Lisa all about his Lego collection.

Lisa and I met in the Denver airport in August.  We both were on our way to the Mom Heart Intensive Training with Sally Clarkson and had apparently been on the same flight from San Diego.  As Providence would have it, we were roomies.  I mentioned before how the ladies I met in Colorado are the most treasured group of ladies in the world, working hard to raise a generation of world-changers.  This is our first time seeing one another since we parted ways in Colorado.  Her boys are the same age as mine.  Awesome.  Tell me God doesn't care about the details.  The one girl from my city has 2 boys only a month or so younger than my own.  They hit it off and became warrior brothers from the get-go.

The greatest hide-out of all time.
Our boys played for 3 hours in this tree,
which was great because Lisa and I got plenty of time to talk. 

The little boy version of Charlie's Angels.  No, I didn't pose them.  This was all on their own. LOL!
The apples are fireballs and the sticks apparently transition from gun to sword at will.
Of course, Si received a battle injury.  Took a tree branch to the head.
Thankfully no stitches needed, but a few steri-strips now hold him together.

Old friends now.  They've fought dragons & bad guys together.

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  1. Love the pictures and your commentary on them. I can't stop laughing about the Charlie's Angels picture -- they are a crack-up. And you're right, God DOES care about the details and I'm so glad he's connected our lives!